Best Coffee Maker – Top Coffee Makers 2017

Coffee Makers have earned there role as an essential in the modern day home. They save time, money and are extremely convenient for coffee lovers. Most machines can brew coffee to your desired specification in under 2 minutes, whilst you handle other tasks on your busy morning.

Below we have tested and compiled our best coffee makers and our best coffee machines that we appreciate in the coffee world. Finding the best coffee maker is not an easy job with so many to choose from, so we have tons of coffee maker reviews to make sure that we can save you time in finding the machine that will help you make your perfect coffee.

Coffee Maker Our Review Rating Price
Breville BES870XL The Best Coffee Maker Available On The Market. Our Most Recommended. Check Price
Breville BES920XL High End Coffee Maker, For Those With A True Coffee Passion Or A Coffee Shop. Check Price
Delonghi EC680 Balanced and Compact Coffee Maker. Reasonably Priced. Good Tasting Coffee. Well Built. Check Price
Cuisinart DCC-3200 Lower End Coffee Machine. Compact And Cheap. Check Price
OXO On Barista Brain Mid Range Coffee Maker, Does Everything Required From It. Nothing Special. Check Price
Ninja Bar Brewer Similar To The OVO - Mid Range Coffee Machine. Check Price

Best Coffee Maker

Breville BES870XL Barista Coffee Maker

The BES870XL is certainly the most all around coffee maker you can buy. It’s a perfect gift for any home, at a moderate size and amazing performance. It produces some of the nicest brewed coffee I have ever tasted, and at such a moderate price level it’s an absolute must have for any coffee lover.

With a 15 Bar Italian pump and a 1600W thermo coil heating system, you cannot go wrong. It will produce the smoothest, richest and most delicious coffee you have ever tasted. Almost faultless. Our personal favorite for a year now, this coffee machine is the top coffee machine you can have.

Sometimes getting fresh coffee is hard, and grinding up beans can take time. The BES870XL will grind up your beans fresh, delivering a beautiful taste in remarkable speed. It will handle the entire process with nearly no manual intervention required. It will create creamy frothy milk in no time. Combine all of the elements and deliver an outstanding coffee.

  • Integrated Grinder
  • 360 Degree Swivel Wand For Milk Texturing
  • Automatic Purging
  • Volumetric Control
  • Removal Drip Tray For Easy Cleaning
  • Thermocoil Advanced Heating System
  • Configurable Filter
  • Made From Stylish Stainless Steel

  • None – This product is faultless!

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

The Breville Dual Boiler coffee machine is no basic level entry machine. This machine is for serious coffee drinkers that want the coffee shop experience. The Dual Boiler is priced at the higher end for coffee machines and you know that visitors to your house will be fascinated that you have your own personal Starbucks in your kitchen. Guests will most likely be returning visitors once they realize the amazing coffee that is made at your house.

The Dual Boiler features a stainless steel steam boiler which will allow you to texture for 1 cup in just under 40 seconds. Featuring low pressure pre-infusion that Dual Boiler will use a gradual pressure increase to reduce chances of flavor defects which occur commonly in lower end coffee makers. Temperature is fully adjustable so you can customize your coffee machine to your own personal preference and coffee bean. Utilizing an OPV it keeps the pressure at the ideal level of 9 bar.

  • Dual Boilers
  • OPV To Limit Extraction Pressure
  • Electronic PID For Temperature Control
  • Fast Coffee Production
  • Best Tasting Coffee
  • Coffee Shop Design And Feel

  • Expensive Investment

Delonghi EC680 DEDICA Coffee Machine

The Delonghi EC680 is a mid range coffee maker and is perfect for those seeking out excellent coffee at a not such an expensive price. Compared with the BES920XL it will seem very bland and basic, however compared to cheaper lower end coffee machines, the EC680 will perform like a Ferrari.

Delonghi have created a manual cappuccino system so you can create creamy, frothy milk. By mixing air, water and milk together in their patented system, the milk created will taste delicious. Whilst many coffee machines opt for a lower pressure system, the EC680 utilizes 15-bar pressure to produce rich and frothy crema. This machine is perfect for creating those to die for espressos.

With such a sleek compact sleek design, this machine will fit in almost any kitchen no matter how small and cramped the space is. With 3 color choices, you can make it fit any surrounding theme in your kitchen. The EC680 features an illuminated control panel with several settings you can choose from, making it very easy to use and control. Do you find your cups being cold, however coffee hot, creating a weird taste from the conflicting temperatures? Well thankfully Delonghi have developed a cup warmer on top of the coffee machine to keep your cups warm whilst you make your coffee, reducing disparages in temperature and taste of your brewed drink.

  • Sleek Design
  • Compact Build Fits In Small Kitchens
  • Amazing Cappuccino Frothing System
  • Automatically Stops Flow
  • Strong Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low Pricing

  • Doesn’t Have Much Customization

Cuisinart DCC-3200 Coffee Machine

Compared with the two extravagant coffee makers above, the DCC-3200 might not compare, however for such a cheap price this machine is certainly an amazing catch. At only a third of the price of the EC680 it performs fairly well. It can produce 14 cups of coffee in one brew and although they may not be to the standard of the BES920XL, it still makes a mediocre coffee.

For the price the technology is very impressive. It features new state of the art technology that can ensure your coffee is produced hot, whilst maintaining a high quality brew and amazing flavor.

Settings are limited with such a cheap brewer, but you can still select your brew strength, depending on your taste preferences from a bold or regular flavor. You have fully automatic 24 hour programmability with this machine and a self clean system to save you time and hassle. Find yourself brewing a ton of coffee, only for it to be cold in an hour? Well with the keep warm function it can maintain the temperature of your brew for a long time whilst you do other tasks and come back at a later time to pour your warm coffee.

  • Features State Of The Art Technology
  • Brew Strength Settings
  • Self Clean
  • Very Cheap Pricing
  • Multiple Cup Settings
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Keep Warm Setting

  • Lacks Customization
  • Sometimes Taste Is Off
  • No Milk Frothing

OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker

Barista Brain utilizes the same methods that you would find in the best coffee shops of your city. By making coffee with the pour-over method it’s able to extract the rich flavors and aromas from the coffee beans very effectively, whilst being very simple and easy to use.

How does the OXO On Barista Brain make a perfect coffee? Using a microprocessor controlled brew cycle, it will enact the pour-over method, by creating timed cycles for the coffee to be brewed, which then ensures the most optimal extraction of the flavors and aromas. Whilst all of this is happening, the temperature is maintained throughout the entire cycle of the brew making sure that the coffee is extracted perfectly. With a volume sensor it can adjust the water to the amount of cups you decide to make, making sure that the coffee bean to water ratio is maintained well giving the perfect flavor.

  • Brew Cycle Controlled By Smart Micro Processor
  • Perfect Coffee Temperature 197.6-204.8 Degrees
  • Full Flavor Extraction
  • Rainmaker Shower head
  • Up To 9 Cups Of Coffee

  • Larger Than Other Similar Coffee Makers
  • Only Has Basic Settings
  • No Milk Frothing

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z Coffee Machine

The Ninja Coffee brewer utilizes thermal flavor extraction technology, so you can choose the flavor richness that you desire. You can choose from rich, regular, over ice or even specialty. Not intending on drinking a full coffee? Well the Ninja coffee machine can fill all sizes, from a full carafe so you can enjoy brewed coffee all day long all the way down to a basic coffee cup. You are no longer required to measure out the water like you would with conventional brewers, Ninja’s Auto IQ system will figure out the amount of water required by itself.

With regular and classic brews you can expect the smooth balanced flavor that you would with any basic level coffee. Feeling a slightly richer coffee? Well an over the ice brew will bring a strong dialed up version of the regular which is complimented by the ice to make sure it doesn’t taste too watered down. If you’re feeling extreme than the Ninja Coffee Machine can make you the Specialty brew, a one of the kind coffee house style brew with a high concentration of coffee. You can drink this hot, cold or over ice, it will feel like you have a coffee shop in the back of your home. Overall the Ninja coffee maker is a one of the kind, well priced mid range brewer excellent for making a fantastic coffee.

  • Has Easy Milk Frother
  • Multiple Cup Settings
  • Variable Strength Of Brew
  • 40 Recipe Cookbook Included
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

  • Has Everything You Need But Rather Large Not Suited For Small Kitchen

What To Consider When You Are Looking To Buy A Coffee Maker

When looking to purchase your coffee maker, it is important to consider several factors. Often with coffee makers going cheap doesn’t always mean you will get the best value for money. Coffee machines are prone to breaking, or producing sub par coffee. To avoid this we recommend you stick to high quality brands that are recommended on TheBestCoffeeMachineReviews. Below are some factors you should consider when reading our coffee maker reviews.

Cup Capacity

An important factor to consider is the cup capacity of your brewer. Some brewers are single cup brewers(usually the cheaper ones) and some coffee machines can produce 14 cups of coffee. Often times this is in the form of a large flask which the coffee is held in, and you can serve multiple cups from here. If you have a big family or a large social circle who enjoy coffee, we recommend you get a coffee machine that can handle multiple cups at a time, otherwise you will be wasting tons of time making one coffee at a time.


The visuals of the machine is important. If your kitchen has white tiles, and you buy a red coffee machine, then it may look out of place. We recommend getting a machine that is either the same color as your kitchen background, or finding a neutral color such as black/metallic.


Practically the size of the coffee maker is very important. If you have a small kitchen and buy a huge coffee brewer, then you will most likely run into logistical issues. So make sure you check dimensions of the brewers before you buy.


Some coffee machines will require more cleaning than others. Most of the more expensive coffee machines have self cleaning or a very easy to clean system that only requires a wash cloth to wipe down the machine. Cheaper machines tend to require extensive manual cleaning and can be quite the hassle. Often you will get coffee stains building up in places if you do not clean your machine regularly.


The most important factor in my opinion is the durability of your coffee maker. Durability has a strong correlation to price, so spending more money will often get you a more durable machine that will last you many years or even a lifetime. When choosing cheaper machines you will often only be able to use them for a few months to a year, after which they tend to break down and require some maintenance or manufacturer repair.


For those that are scared that their coffee machine might break down, do not worry. All the top brands such as Breville and Delonghi have many years of warranty on their machines. Cheaper machines tend to have very little if not no warranty. Before purchasing we recommend you check the warranty length, although the higher quality brands rarely have any defects as they are made to such a high grade.

Types of Coffee Makers

There are 3 main different types of coffee makers. Drip, French Press and Others which tend to use a capsule or percolator.

Drip Coffee Maker

dripDrip operation works with larger capacity cups which tend to range in size but mostly revolve around 10-14 cups. Sometimes Drip operated coffee machines work with smaller cups to, but this is a rare occurance. Drip systems work by having the water heated and having it drip onto the coffee grounds, which are usually held in some type of basket with holes in the bottom. This way the hot coffee can fall through whilst leaving the coffee grounds inside the basket.

French Press

French press coffee makers are the most cost effective option to choose from, as it doesn’t require any disposables and can be reused over and over. Although we don’t offer any french press coffee machine reviews on our website as this is very outdated, they are still used in some hipster coffee shops around the world and are very interesting to watch in action.