Keurig K475 Coffee Maker Review

When it comes to convenience in using and efficiently cleaning, Keurig comes to the mind of many customers. Indeed, it produces such simplified products that make the user’s life less complicated. Here is the review of Keurig’s K475 coffee maker.


This great coffeemaker has a countertop design so that it doesn’t take too much space and can be used as a kitchen décor too. It is such a small product that it can easily be kept in an under-cabinet drawer. It has inherited the default look of Keurig’s coffeemaker but possesses a large LCD screen, decent silver accents, and a large reservoir as compared to its siblings. It is also a little bold and taller than the other models. This device employs remarkable technology to identify inserted pods and optimizes brewing. It not only produces a hot cup of coffee, but you can prepare iced beverages too.



Keurig manufactures simple-to-use and moderately-priced products without compromising on the quality. That is why the K475 is an excellent coffeemaker, which makes sure that it provides users with consistent quality coffee every time. It is also a well-built machine that provides not only the highest quality of coffee but also ease of use. It also allows users to enjoy Green Mountain coffee every single day as the company has built robust and lasting relationships with many farmers who grow coffee. Not only that, but it also makes coffee as quickly as possible. After initiating the machine, you don’t have to wait for long and wander around to perform other tasks.



Surely, the output and overall performance are the most crucial factors of any coffee maker. As the K475 delivers excellent performance and provides great-tasting coffee, it is not wrong to say that it possesses both factors in the right way. Not just that, but it is also one of the simplest and easiest machines to maintain, control, and use to brew coffee at home. It has a big screen that indicates almost everything you want to do and is happening in the machine. This brilliant device produces a hot and flawlessly brewed cup of coffee as compared to other products in the same category.

Another good thing is that it is equipped with a quiet motor, so it produces almost no noise at all. It is intended to be used at home and not commercially, so the parts employed in this machine are not professional, but they are still feasible. It is not built for heavy use, so if you want about 15 to 20 cups every day, you might have to go for a sturdier option.


  • Big water reservoir
  • Easy to use and brew
  • Different settings of temperature
  • Heats up rapidly and brews coffee without taking up much time
  • Big and crisp touchscreen


  • Short power cord



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