Moccamaster KB 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer Review

Everyone loves a great cup of coffee. It makes your day brighter and your mood better. However, learning to make a great cup of coffee is an art in itself. Getting it to perfection can take time and skill.

If you are trying to impress someone but are not familiar with the art of making coffee, we suggest the Moccamaster KB 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe. This coffee machine makes the perfect blend of ground coffee beans and water. It is easy to use and gives a great touch to your kitchen. One of the most preferred coffee makers, this machine will leave you satisfied with the results.

Design and Features

It is one of the best coffee makers around, and almost every part of this machine is handmade. It has also been certified by various associations in Europe and America.

The brewing housing of the coffee machine is made of aluminum, which is very durable and reliable. It also adds efficiency to the machine. The machine comes with a hot phase which has an independent phase; this allows the coffee maker to keep the coffee hot for a very long time. It only takes a few minutes to have the water and coffee saturate, which is also done to perfection by the machine. You have the ability to adjust the drip stop brew basket.

The machine is big enough to allow you to make 10 cups of coffee in one go. Its boiling element is made up of copper, which controls and maintains the temperature of the brew. It also comes with the ability to shut itself off after the coffee has been made and the whole process does not make any noise.

If you purchase the coffee maker from an authorized dealer, you will also receive a 5-year warranty. A button on the coffee machine lets the user choose the temperature of the coffee that they would like it to be made on. The machine also has the ability to extract the perfect amount of coffee from the beans during the whole process.


Performance and Quality

Concluding the Moccamaster KB 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe review, this machine is recommended by many of its users. It has left almost every customer fully satisfied and has gotten great feedback. The machine has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The coffee that is brewed by this coffee maker is simply amazing and aromatic. The machine is easy to use and the quality of the product is excellent.



  • It is easy to clean
  • The machine is very easy to use
  • The end product is amazing
  • It can make up to 10 cups of coffee in one go


  • The machine takes a little longer to brew the coffee
  • It needs frequent cleaning



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